Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Vampires myths comes from all over the world.

The first word in written form to descript a vampire is upir which appeared in a document descripting a Russian Prince as a wicked vampire. That was in 1047

Perhaps now the most recent and popular vampires are those in Twilight.

I love how vampires are so alike but can be so different. Some are truly monsters and others like Edward in Twilight have so many human qualities.

Of course in my book there is a combination for good and evil vampires. The head vampire is evil with no remorse for human life taken. Samantha's dad is half vampire and he feels sad about his fate and the fate of his children. And of course although the lure of becoming a vampire is great, Samantha still has her human self.


  1. Already fascinated with Drake. Always did go for the bad boys! Congratulations Sara.